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TOP 5 Web Design CMS Platforms in the World

Prior to getting your website built either by hiring a web agency or a freelance designer or doing it your self, it's crucial to understand what CMS platform best serves you. Let's first mention the top 5 website CMS (content management system platforms) before diving into deciding which will be the ideal one to go for.

  • WordPress/WooCommerce - Most Popular and the most powerful CMS in the world
  • Shopify - This is the most popular commercial eCommerce platform sellers who likes to manage their own store
  • WIX - Is the most popular and user friendly website editing platform for startups
  • Squarespace - Most invested CMS platform as main competitor is WIX
  • Magneto - A powerful eCommerce platform. Among opensource Ecommerce CMS it's support is only second to WooCommerce among all open source platforms

Choosing WordPress - This will depend on where you're at with your business. For example: Anybody with an established brand who doesn't have time to design or manage their own websites will find hiring an agency or a freelancer who specializes in WordPress will be their best choice. Main reason for this is the marketing power that WordPress brings to the table is second to no other.

WordPress gives you almost unlimited potentials to scale your website to be unique among the competition. Integration power of WordPress with other apps and services is immense. WordPress give you so much potentials to increase sales and lead conversion as you're not limited to a set number of tools like the commercial platforms. Building a stunning website on WordPress with a reliable and creative web agency is like having a luxury car with a private driver to drive you around.

What makes WordPress more attractive is the user friendliness it brings by allowing non- technical users to edit the site from the front end visually. As a result, graphic designers need no coding skills to design beautiful looking websites on WordPress.

When to choose Shopify - Shopify is a paid commercial platform allowing you to build beautiful looking online stores with hundreds of stylish looking templates to choose from. Therefore Shopify is your best option if you do not have an upfront budget &/or if you are willing to carry out product updates from your end without having to hire an agency to maintain your product updates. Shopify is also ideal for startups looking to sell products on their website.

Why and When to Choose WIX - WIX is also a commercial website design and editing platform. Once again if you're willing to build a website with a standard functions without an upfront investment, WIX will be your number choice. WIX also offers the shop function. If the shop requirement is a basic one, WIX will be able to cater to your needs without a hassle. WIX is ideal for startup entrepreneurs without an establish brand. WIX is also ideal for graphic designers looking to build websites for their client.

When to Choose Squarespace - What Squarespace brings to the table is similar to WIX offers. Squarespace can be considered as thee direct competitor of WIX. Squarespace is also very user friendly. Once again Squaresapce is ideal for startups without an upfront investment. Like WIX, Squarespace is idea for freelance graphic designers looking to build sites for their clients.